People are Drooling Over this Fantastic Park Model Cabin

People are Drooling Over this Fantastic Park Model Cabin

Move over tiny houses, there’s a new trend on the rise and this one’s for park model cabins. These cute and compact ultra-modern mobile homes are a practical alternative to tiny houses and they are growing in popularity by the day. Basically an upscale RV with a cottage or cabin design, park model cabins are either mobile or semi-mobile homes that can provide people with seasonal living spaces. For example, if you need a cute little summer home on wheels, you might want to look into them. Or, if you need more of a winter getaway, this could be the answer. Park model homes aren’t designed or meant to be lived in all year round, and in many states it’s illegal to take up permanent residency in one. However, for those gung-ho tiny house and off-grid aficionados, a park model cabin could well be a dream come true.

The park model cabin design is based on the classic mobile home model; however, it tends to be far more elegant – in the most rustic kind of way, of course. While your basic mobile home was most often built for practicality and ease of use, the park model RV was built for luxury. It can potentially include all of the appliances, bells, and whistles, of a more comfort-based home. Basically, these mobile cabins are tiny houses with all the trimmings. They come in all sizes, with some even larger than your average tiny home. You can also enjoy all of the benefits RV living has to offer, including a much lower carbon footprint than a traditional 3-bedroom summer home. They’re also relatively affordable compared to the cost of a summer cottage, cabin, or fishing camp. These adorable little mobile cabins can be used for a host of purposes, including guest houses, romantic getaways, artist retreats, or a writer’s nook.

Why are these park model RV cabins becoming so trendy all of a sudden? With the recent interest in tiny home living, people have been searching for all different kinds of tiny space living ideas – from float homes to tree houses and everything in between. It was simply time to re-vamp the old mobile home blueprint and come up with something a lot more stylish. These structures are considered to be recreational vehicles, but they’re intended to be “parked” in one spot for the long term. In the US, providing your park model cabin is under the designated 540 square feet, it can only be taxed as your own personal property – it is not deemed to be real estate. You can, of course, extend this space with a deck as that’s not included in the dimensional requirements. Another bonus is that it’s a lot easier to receive financing for a recreational vehicle than it is to get a mortgage for a cottage or a new home. Although you might want to stay in one area for an extended period of time, you always know you can move when you have a park model RV. And, for the most part, park model cabins tend to be well-made, high-quality, climate-controlled living spaces that will be cost-efficient in the long run.

If you really love the tiny house dream, but are a bit more realistic about it, then you already know you probably couldn’t live in a tiny space all year round. But how about two or three months of the year? That’s what’s so appealing about park model cabins. They could also be used as transitional living spaces if you want to eventually bite the bullet and go completely tiny. You could try living in one of these for a few months to see if you have what it takes to do it indefinitely.

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