Meticulously Handcrafted by Master Artisans, This Log House Is in a League of Its Own

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Meticulously Handcrafted by Master Artisans, This Log House Is in a League of Its Own

Beautiful, handcrafted Pioneer Log Cabins, right at your fingertips from world renowned company, Pioneer Log Homes of BC. The log building company is known for its superior quality log homes and cabins that they distribute and build all over the world. The company started up in 1978 by Bryan Reid Sr, who continues to plays an active role in the company. Other family members have joined the team as well, and they have hired on other people from the community who are expert log home craftsmen. Nothing but the very best in service and quality from this team of dedicated log home builders. The Pioneer Log Homes of BC headquarters is located in Williams Lake in Northern British Columbia in Canada. This is the perfect area to source trees locally, and then mill them to create the perfect log materials for building the best houses. The wood they use comes from one of the best trees known for log home building, the Western Red Cedar. Western red cedar has a natural resistance to rot and mould as well as being repellant to insects. This type of log also has a very high thermal mass, making it the perfect insulator for building log homes.

All of the wood they use in their building projects is highly inspected and graded for quality assurance. Clients can even come down to their grounds to choose the logs that they would like to be used in feature parts of their home, for example, the entrance beams of the home, something that makes a statement. The team also offers premium wood carvings, to add that extra bit of artistic flare to a home, and they do custom work for clients. While they specialize in the design and building of Log homes and cabins, they also build garages, sheds, and barns. With distributors all over the world and many different floor plans in an array of sizes and styles, clients have the chance to choose the most desirable cabin for themselves and their family. The company will also work with their clients to create a dream project that is customized to their liking.

On their wonderful website, you can also follow the crew on some of their more recent building projects. Currently, the latest post has them in Kazakstan, building four log homes in total on this trip. Two of the houses are the Pioneer Log home plans; one is the Coarsegold and one is the Lewisville log house floor plan, all of which you can view on their website. They have plans that start at 320 square feet going all the way up to 4000 square feet plus! With something that will suit practically everyone's needs, whether looking for a large mansion log home, or an average sized log house, a log cabin or a log hunting cabin, they truly have it all over at Pioneer Log Homes of BC.

Log homes tend to be one of the most highly valued types of log home out there. Not only are they outrageously beautiful, but they also have high structural integrity, meaning they are some of the most durable homes out there. Some log homes are still standing after one hundred years of use and weathering. Logs make such an amazing building material because they are a renewable, natural resource, which have their own built-in insulation and water repellant. When built properly, using the highest quality logs, log homes can be some of the most well insulated, weather-resistant homes out there. Make sure you have a look around the website, and maybe catch their show Timber Kings too.

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