Just $85,000 for the DIY'er this Log Home Interior is Nothing Short of Spectacular

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Just $85,000 for the DIY'er this Log Home Interior is Nothing Short of Spectacular

There is so much to love about the Coventry $127,650 log home building. The Cheyenne is a popular log home building with 2,454 square feet of living space, with three bedrooms and two bathrooms. There is plenty of room in this log home building to use this log home building for a vacation home or full-time living. When it comes to looking for real log cabins for sale this log home checks all the boxes. On the main floor, there is a double car garage, two bedrooms, a bathroom, an open kitchen/dining area/living room, a sundeck and a farmers porch. Upstairs there is a master bedroom with master bathroom and lots of closet space, a loft space that opens up to the downstairs. The cathedral ceiling and use of windows in the open concept living area of this log home building make this log cabin feel spacious and full of light. This log home building starts at $85,600 for a pre-cut package to $137,900 for a complete log home building package. Exposed beams and log railings throughout add to the character of this real log cabins for sale. The loft in this log home building could be used for a home office or guests when they come to stay.

When it comes to choosing a real log cabins for sale there, have never been so many options than there is today. Choosing a log home building is just one of the steps when it comes to realizing your log cabin dreams. Just as important as choosing the log home building design is choosing the site where you will build your log home building. Once you have your property, you will want to sit down and look at your site. You want to see where the sun comes up, where the lake or mountainside is about your building site as it will effect the heating, cooling and weather protection requirements of your log home building. A log home building site in the woods will have different moisture-protection needs than a log home lot that is perched high on the side of a mountain. Of course, many log home lovers prefer to build in the woods, near a ski resort, or on a lake. You might dream of having your home cabin kits as a playhouse that is perched on the ski slopes, with a scenic view of the resort below and the surrounding mountains. You want your log home building to take advantage of the surrounding views as much as possible. You might try arranging the real log cabins for sale so that the great room, master bedroom, kitchen, dining room, and possibly one guest room have a view. You will also want to keep in mind your lifestyle, rather than having a formal dining room some people prefer an informal eating area, or just sitting around the fire with dinner.

The Cheyenne is just one of the real log cabins for sale you will find on the "Coventry Log Homes" site. This log home company has a wide variety of log homes and log cabin designs to choose from. "Coventry Log Homes" has five series of log houses to choose from when it comes to log house construction. There is the Craftsman Series of log houses, the Tradesman Series of log houses, the Cabin Series of log house construction, the Recreational Series of log houses, and the Timber Frame Series of log house designs. With so many log house designs to choose from, there is sure to be something to suit most any budget, need, and lifestyle of the person who is considering log home living. Building a log home is one of the most exciting adventures you are sure to have. *

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