Here's a Log Home Plan That's Both Intrinsically Beautiful and Step-Saving Practical

Here's a Log Home Plan That's Both Intrinsically Beautiful and Step-Saving Practical

Okay, so you’ve decided to dip your big toe in and build that dream of yours – the log cabin home you’ve been longing for all these years! If you’re trying to find the perfect floor plan and don’t know where to begin, we can help. Let’s start with the Cambridge Log Home Plan!We really admire your courage for taking those first steps towards creating your new dream home, that log home you’ve wanted ever since you were twenty years old! We know just how brave you must be to finally make the decision to go for it! And, we know just how complicated it might be to find the floor plan that matches your dreams. There’s just so much information out there, it can be a bit overwhelming. Which way do we go, which floor plan do we choose for our log cabin? We know where you’re coming from. Really! And that’s why we’d like to get you going with just one simple idea, one that you can really sink your teeth into – and your pocketbook too.

This particular log cabin floor plan, “The Cambridge”, is one of the most popular plans the “My Wood Home” website has to offer. These guys and gals specialize in log cabin designs, and they have something for everyone, even the hardest to please. So do read on because, even if the Cambridge log home isn’t for you, perhaps it will lead you to one that is. The reason why the Cambridge log home design is so popular is because it’s not only beautiful, but it’s practical and affordable as well. It’s a wee bit smaller than some of My Wood Home’s offerings, but with three bedrooms, it still has a lot of space to offer. And don’t worry, you still get your Great Room with its open-concept and all the trimmings, like the warm cozy fireplace and timber ceiling. The Cambridge log home design also includes brilliant features like a built-in kitchen pantry and a mud room that can double as your laundry room - just outside the kitchen area. It’s also the perfect place to remove your boots when you come in the house after being out in the garden all day! You will love eating your meals in the dining room area because the bay window lets in so much light, not to mention a gorgeous view. This window also opens right up onto the deck, bringing the outside in and the inside out – how’s that for easy access? There’s also a Master Bedroom downstairs that comes with a very spacious closet and a full bathroom nearby. If we climb the stairs to the upper level, we’ll find two more bedrooms as well as a full bathroom! And there’s a lovely landing up here where we can hang out and watch all of the goings-on in the Great Room below. You always feel connected to everyone else in a log home like this, and you feel connected to the beautiful natural setting all around you as well.

Outside, as we mentioned briefly, there’s a wonderful deck where the family can have barbecues and enjoy gatherings with friends. You could put a little patio table out here with an umbrella and chairs for everyone. You could plant your barbecue in the corner and maybe invest in a front porch swing to sit on during those warm nights when you’re not quite ready to go to sleep. The porch is covered, we might add – so you won’t have to worry about too much rain or sun – you’re sheltered out here! And if you want to do some sunbathing, that’s easy too – the deck part is uncovered, so there will be plenty of sun to be had out here. And that sums up the elegant Cambridge Log Home Plan in the proverbial nut shell – or in this case, cedar shell. We hope you like it as much as we do!

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