$62,000 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Birchwood Log Home

$62,000 Pre-Cut Log House Shell. This is The Birchwood Log Home

The covered porch on this post and beam Birchwood log house design is just one of the features you will love on this modern house construction. The Birchwood has 1,988 square feet of living space with three bedrooms and two and a half lofts. The eight by eight complete package is priced affordably at $136,400. On the first floor of this log house is the master bedroom a bathroom, an open living/dining/kitchen, and large covered porch. The upstairs has two additional bedrooms, and a nice sized loft that opens to the space below. The exposed beams on the covered porch give this log house a unique feel of it's own, and is one of the reasons timber frame homes are so popular. Known for being a strong type of home build, it's the exposed beams that make this style of building aesthetically pleasing too.

The Birchwood is just one of the hybrid timber frame and post and beam styled homes with Coventry Log Homes. These beautiful hybrid timber frame/post and beam builds are energy efficient and easy to build. Coventry uses the best up-to-date methods of construction incorporating eight by eight beams for the framing and two by six framed log exterior walls. You will especially love the interior where the wooden beams can be seen and admired. The post and beam and timber frame method of construction use fewer, and larger wooden posts and beams throughout than a standard type of construction build. Both timber frame and post and beam barn building offer increased durability and stability, which makes them the perfect type of build for barns and log homes. The post and beam method of building construction is known as the method of heavy timber frame construction that uses both large vertical posts and horizontal beams. You can see these wooden beams when you go inside of a post and beam or timber frame; the exposed beams that you find throughout a timber frame log house is the biggest part of their appeal. Another advantage of a prefab timber frame home is the fact that they can be built quickly, as most of the building materials are included in the kit. You will need to have a proper foundation in place before you build, along with someone to do the electrical and the plumbing. Some popular timber frame styles include the traditional cape style, the barn style and the two story colonial. Timber framing log houses are the building craft of joining heavy timbers by using mortise and tenon joinery. This method and style of building is centuries old as it predates the use of iron nails. The log home joinery is then joined with hardwood pegs that are also known as treenails. You will find many examples of early timber frame builds that you will find that date back to the late 1600's in America which are still standing today and still in use today. You will find examples of timber framing in Europe that dates back from to the 13th and 14th century. Timber frame log homes and log cabin homes are known for their longevity.

The Birchwood is just one of the post and beam styles of log house construction you will find on the Coventry Log Home site. The Birchwood is part of the Timber Frame Series of log homes on the site, the series combining the post and beam construction method of construction with two by six exterior wall framing. The Birchwood is one of the new log house designs you will find on this log home kit and log cabin site. **

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